Leanne Macaspac is an independent designer, illustrator, and low-code developer in Toronto
Available Winter 2025

Have an idea?
Here's how I can help

🏗️ Software design

Starting at $8K USD, 4-6 weeks; fractional (3 month minimum) or freelance

You need to launch minimum viable product — a prototype to realize your big idea. I can give you a designer’s perspective on how to bring your idea to life and the steps to get there, from product strategy, user experience and research, to collaborating with your technical team. I work with subject matter experts to build out prototypes and the best first version of your product to collect more data. I’ll work with the team to build out research plans, execute usability testing with prototypes built with Figma, and help you improve the product to reach your success metrics.

Example Deliverables

  • MVP prototype, built with Figma or Framer
  • Foundational UX components
  • User flows
  • Product roadmap
  • Usability testing and research synthesis
  • Website or app design with existing branding

🕸️ Website design and/or development

Starting at $2K USD for 2-3 weeks

You need to launch a website. As an explorer of the internet, I’m a big fan of the small web. I love to see people and small brands find nooks on the internet and make it their own, like being invited to someone’s open garden or home. Spaces like these don’t necessarily need big tech stacks, and can run on HTML/CSS/light Javascript alone. I can help build out simple, fast, functional, beautiful, and accessible websites without using anything complicated. I’m also well-versed in Webflow and Framer, and Shopify for ecommerce solutions.

Example Deliverables

  • Website designed with Figma or Framer
  • Website built with HTML/CSS, vanilla Javascript
  • Website built with Webflow, Framer, Squarespace or Super.so
  • Shopify Online Store or integration

🖍️ Illustration

Starting at $2K USD for 1-2 weeks

You need to liven up your space with visual design or create a mascot for your brand. I do commissions for one-of-one framed illustrations and murals that align with the aura of the room you’re designing for. I also create unique and cute mascots that capture your brand’s tone and personality. My style is inspired by anime, graffiti, and isometric pop art. I’m also exploring currently 3D illustration work.

Example Deliverables

  • Image files, dependent on the implementation, ie., social media
  • Prints
  • Murals
  • Brand mascot logo

⭐️ Experiential (IRL) design

Starting at $5K USD for 1-2 months

You want to connect and engage with your community and need to design and execute an event, brand activation, art installation, or a series of programming. Through Recess, I'll coordinate with the team to understand your needs so we can design the space, outline workshops, and collaborate with local creatives and businesses to build a community around your brand.

Example Deliverables

  • Artist market
  • Creative workshops
  • Brand activation
  • Art installation